Equity Release

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Why You Need A Solicitor To Act On Your Behalf

Many people find themselves needing access to more cash during retirement or in later life. In a scenario where you don’t have enough savings, there are ways to use the value of your home to boost your finances.

At Elizabeth Middleton Solicitors, we support our clients with the conveyancing process after your Financial Advisor or Mortgage Advisor has explained the different Equity Release options available to help you extract cash from your property.

Equity Release is only available to people aged over 55 and is paid back on the sale of the property.

The Conveyancing Process

After your Financial Advisor or Mortgage Advisor has helped you with the right financial product, Equity Release provider such as Nationwide or Legal and General will make you a mortgage offer.

They will ask you to nominate a Conveyancing Solicitor to act on your behalf. Equity Release is one of our core services at Elizabeth Middleton Solicitors so we are well placed to assist by executing the following process:

  • We will organise an appointment to meet you, face to face or online.
  • Advise you about the Mortgage Deed together with the accompanying documents from the Equity Release Provider.
  • Send all the documents to the Equity Release Provider’s Solicitor.
  • Answer any additional enquiries that the Equity Release Provider’s Solicitors will raise.
  • Send the equity release monies to you on receipt.

For more information about whether we can help represent you as your Equity Release Conveyancer, get in touch with Elizabeth Middleton Solicitors based in Woodley for trusted advice and a professional and respectful service.

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